Rent A Booth

What's included:


While we do encourage you to use an already rad wall in your space for the backdrop, we do have a backdrop stand you are welcome to use to hang your own 7'x7' fabric backdrop. Contact us for more details.

Printing Add-on

On-site printing is available. You and your guests can print unlimited, professional-quality 4x6 prints during the event. Inquire for pricing.


1. What does the booth need to run?

In order to capture all or your wild friends in our booth, we need access to power and either wifi or cell reception. That's it!

2. Do you provide a backdrop?

The backdrop is up to you! Cool walls make great backgrounds, but if you want to create a backdrop, we do have a backdrop stand and blank canvas available for you to use if you'd like. We can refer you to some other designers to help you with design if you want!

3. I'm making a backdrop, how big should I make it?

If you are making a super awesome backdrop, we suggest you make it 7ft x 7ft to make sure it covers enough area to get all your crazy friends in the photos! It can be a flat or textured background, but cannot be a three-dimensional scene. When looking at your venue and where the booth will be set up, keep in mind that the background should be no more than 5 feet away from where the booth will stand.

4. How much space do you need for the booth?

We ask for approximately 7ft x 7ft of space in order to give enough space for people to move around the booth to take photos and check them out afterward, and to accommodate group photos. If you have a smaller space you are looking at, let us know! We can make it work in smaller spaces if need be!

5. What if we want to add on extra hours?

Want to extend the fun? No problem. You can add extra hours for $99 per hour.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit card payments only. Payment in full is required to reserve a booth for your date.

7. Does the 4 hours include set up time?

When you pay for 4 hours of AmigoBooth time, you get 4 hours of photo booth, ridiculous picture taking time. Our operators arrive approximately 45 minutes early to set the booth up so that it's up and running for your 4 hour time slot.

8. How much set up time do you need?

Our operators will arrive approximately 45 minutes early to set the booth up. If there are special concerns about your schedule or the venue, let us know!

9. Can the booth be outside?

Sure! The booth can be set up outdoors or indoors- it works great in either! If you want it set up outside, just be sure we have access to power.

10. Can the photos from my event be private?

Absolutely! We can make your event password protected so that only the guests at your event can see the photos. All events default to public unless you let us know you'd like them password protected.

11. How do guests see the photos they took in the booth?

As soon as your guests step away from the camera, they can check their photos out by using our super cool software. An iPad comes attached to the booth so guests can instantly view and share their photos to social media using our app on the iPad. However, anyone with an iPhone or iPad running iOS7 can download our free app in the app store and view, share, and download their photos. They will be able to do that instantly as well as after the event is over.

12. Do you provide props?

We leave the props up to you so feel free to be creative and go as crazy as you like with those!

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